Our Mission and Goals

  • Provide a Positive Environment

    We are here to create a safe, caring, and positive environment for our patients. 
  • Deliver Quality Care

    We will provide for our patients the same level of skill, concern, and consideration that we would expect for our families and ourselves. 
  • Ensure Patient Satisfaction

    Your well being, your comfort, and your satisfaction is our primary concern.
A message from Dr. Doyle  
Dr. Doyle schedules one patient at a time. We do not "double book" as is usual in most medical/dental environments.

We are routinely prompt.

We value your time!

Your Visits

Your first visit with us will consist of a comprehensive exam and consultation to discuss any existing problem or concern. We allow ample time to discuss and educate you on any needed dental treatment. A thorough review of your medical history will ensure that we are treating you safely and properly. Depending on the time of your last dental visit, it may be necessary to take a new set of x-rays. Please contact your previous dentist and have any current x-rays sent to our office. Our goal is to minimize your radiation exposure and we appreciate your efforts to make this possible. We will gladly take any additional x-rays that are essential to our proper diagnosis and treatment.

To make the most of our first visit with you please have the following items ready prior to our first visit together:

  • Please have any previous x-rays forwarded to our office.
  • Please bring a list of any current medications you are taking.
  • Please bring current and accurate dental insurance information.
  • Please alert us to any medical condition that may alter or change your dental care.